Flexible Working – A benefit or a requirement?

//Flexible Working – A benefit or a requirement?

Flexible Working – A benefit or a requirement?

Flexible working and your approach

This morning I read an article in the Telegraph, discussing how much you would need to earn to work a 4 day week and this got me thinking, less about the earnings but more about what we offer as a business around flexible working.  As a digital practice we offer a huge amount of flexibility to our staff about where and when they work, our general philosophy is that as long as the work gets done on time and to our high standard it doesn’t really matter where you work from.  We don’t work 9-5 or 10-6, to us that’s not being flexible.

We really believe that happy employees equal happy clients and if being flexible is beneficial to the team then it’s not a problem, this is however a two way street! Don’t get me wrong this type of philosophy also has its challenges and requires a very grown up approach from all of the team, additional technology requirements and robust systems, but as this has been the culture since the beginning it has simply been embraced as it has always been so.

Flexible working as a recruitment tool

Small business owners out there will know that in today’s environment recruiting and retaining the right people in your business is key to success and one of the biggest challenges that you will face as a small business owner if you try to scale.  We have one accountant who works with us fully remotely from the UK, working remotely really opens up the talent pool to us as geography is no longer an issue, opening up new talent pool that would otherwise be closed to us.

It’s interesting as I write this article our client who occupies the office next to ours just popped his head in to say he was heading home as his son was sick and could we catch up on Zoom this afternoon instead of in person.  They also run a digital business and adopt a lot of the same policies as us.

Is flexible working still considered a benefit?

If you are not offering flexible working you are already behind the curve, this is no longer a benefit to employees and for digital businesses it’s simply a requirement and something to consider if you are struggling to recruit the right people as it will give you something that other businesses are not providing and will potentially open up other locations for you to scout the right talent.

“Flexible working is no longer a benefit it is a requirement”

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If you also offer flexible working and like the idea of working with an accountant with similar philosophies to your please get in touch.

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