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R&D Tax Credits – Case Studies

Vaping Liquid Manufacturer

We worked with a leading vaping liquid manufacturer to develop a qualifying R&D claim for the process of mixing and producing new vaping liquids.

As a leader in their market the company also developed their own R&D research facility further increasing a claim with and enhanced 100% capital allowance claim.

The claim included a number of elements of qualifying expenditure;

A novel process for creating new vaping liquids

A bespoke software system for testing and managing stock level

A capital claim for building and R&D facility

Online Training Company

Working with a leading international training company we established a successful claim relating to the bespoke design of their training and client webapp.

A mixture of subcontracted costs to develop unique source coding and adaptation of existing software to work with the platform all resulted in a successful qualifying claim that the directors had not expected at the start of the project.

Communication Technology

The company undertook many projects converting and bespoking communication technology and software for use in military and emergency service fields.

The security protocols required for use in a military environment and communication between modern and old systems and were some of the challenges that the development team faced.

We worked with the technical team to identify the aspects of the project that qualified for R&D relief.