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Welcome to PRIMOtax – We are a firm of specialist accountants and tax advisors based in Crawley

Our mission is to help our clients grow using tax and technology, whilst providing an outstanding level of customer service.  We provide specialist tax planning and accountancy services to fast growing entrepreneurial businesses. We are based in Crawley but work with businesses across the UK due to our digital approach.

Why use PRIMOtax for your tax planning needs?

Tax used to be a generalist service provided by all accountants, this is no longer the case.  In fact, with the constant changes to the legislation, it has become a very specialist and complex area.  Many accountants are no longer equipped to advise on the nuances of tax, leaving many businesses either receiving poor quality advice or none at all.

With our in-depth knowledge of tax and our technological approach, we are well placed to advise your business on its next stage of its growth.

Our team of specialist accountants and tax advisors are on hand to discuss your businesses needs and advise on you tax planning needs.

Our partners and associations

When you work with us, you’re working with the industry market leaders…

Our Affiliations

We are proud members of some of the most prestigious accountancy and tax governing bodies in the country.  Above all these governing bodies exist to ensure that their members provide the best quality of advice and services.


Tax Planning
for Clients

Tax is complex and the cost of getting it wrong can be huge.  We work with clients to structure their business in the most tax efficient way, ensuring they only pay the tax they need to.

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Management Insight

Most businesses generate a huge amount of information but are unsure what to do with it. this information is a hugely valuable resource to help you to run and grow your business. Speak to us about how we help clients to unlock their information.

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We love technology and love to talk to our clients about it.  We use the latest technology available in the accounting sector to streamline accounting processes and provide useful real time information to our clients.

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Though our passion for tax and technology we work as a trusted partner with our clients, helping them to grow their business as efficiently as possible and supporting them at all stages of their development.

Our awards and nominations